Prenatal Diagnosis

You have the right to receive information about all options to allow you to make the best possible decision for your family.  You need time to make an informed decision without being hurried into a choice you may later regret.

It is possible that the option of abortion was offered to you when you received your baby’s diagnosis. It might have been presented to you as the best or the only option. Abortion, early induction, or termination is often offered as the quickest resolution to a prenatal diagnosis. It comes with certain medical risks to the mother, especially if offered in the second trimester or later. It also comes with certain higher emotional risks to parents. Abortion is a permanent decision that ends a life.

Carrying to term is an option for you and your baby, even if you have been told your baby is not expected to live. Research shows carrying to term carries an emotional benefit to mothers and fathers. There are higher reports of feeling closure and less emotional trauma when we let nature take its' course rather than intervene with methods to terminate the pregnancy.

There are many resources available to assist parents through the challenges of carrying to term and caring for a child after birth, or through a loss, some of which are included in this website. An additional option when carrying to term is adoption. There are adoption agencies that specialize in adoptions for children with special medical needs.

Please reach out to us with any questions. 

We do not refer nor do we perform abortions.